​​Rushlows Arabians

Show / Training Rates

    Conditioning (exercise, clipping, and tails) and board            $575 per month

    Performance Training and board                                           $800 per month

    Performance Training (2 or more horses)                             $775 per month

    Board                                                                                     $470 per month

Show Fees:

    Flat Rate Charge

    Class A Show                                                             $350

    Buckeye                                                                     $550

    Regional Show                                                           $550

    Regional Show w/ Class A Show                               $800

    Youth Nationals                                                          $2,000

    US Nationals                                                              $2,500

Day Fee @ shows (in lieu of show fees for horses at the show but not showing)    $25 per day plus hauling

(Flat Rate Fees DO NOT  include: hauling, entry fees, shavings, premium/special stabling areas, grooms' tips, box seat packages, early arrival fees, additional feed, vet, farrier, layover fees, catch rider fees and any medications incurred.  Tack stalls shall be pro-rated among the horses entered and Patronship fees shall be pro-rated among the owners entering horses.) 

Miscellaneous Services: 

​  Hauling ($150 minimum and fuel surcharges as needed)            .80 per mile 

    National Publications, Advertising                                                         Actual Charge

    Professional Photography/ Video Preparation & Shoot                         $100

    Body Clipping                                                                                        $125

    Veterinarian Medical Care                                                                     Billed by Veterinarian

    Farrier                                                                                                   Payment due upon Service    

    Blanket Repair (as needed)                                                                  Actual Cost


Riding Lessons

   (4 lessons free per month with training)                            

   $45 private

   $35 per person semi-private

   $30 per person group

Lease Fee

(Rushlow owned horse) (Per show basis)      

$200 Michigan Show

$300 Buckeye

$300 Regional Show

$500 National Show

Sales Services

 Seller Agent Fee (payable at time of sale)            15%


Payment terms: First month fee due at time of delivery. Invoice shall be sent out on the 15th of the prior month and payable by the 5th, for the following months. Invoices not paid by the 5th of the month will be charged a $50.00 late fee. Any invoice 30 days past due will be charged 10% interest. No horse will be allowed to leave care of Rushlow     Arabians Inc. prior to full payment of final bill. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover accepted with a small percentage surcharge.

Note: Client to provide hunter green day sheet, blanket, sleezy, and leather show halter upon arrival, or we will purchase and charge back to you for equipment. Equipment must be clearly marked with horses name on it!